New Website Detected!

Well, here we finally are.

I come back to you now at the turn of the tide with a redesigned ahead of the eventual release of Sad Man on a Rock. The release date for the album is, at this time, TBD but I can assure you that the delay is a worthwhile one as it is going through a few much needed rinse cycles as we progress through the lengthy post-production process of mixing and mastering a two hour musical story.

In the meantime, check out the new digs!

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I’ve maintained the same monochromatic aesthetic that has paced me through the last four iterations of my homepage over the past dozen years. While it has always been my preference due to my inefficiency with understanding color schemes (being colorblind and all), the direction this time around is also intended to remain consistent with the aesthetic of the upcoming album which is, *shocker!* also monochromatic and minimalist.

A quick word on some of the things you’ll come to find here either already or in the near future:


A more organized catalog of my entire videogame arrangement body of work:

The previous version of sported a rather inefficient and janky little music player widget embedded on the main page roll that didn’t allow for listening to specific songs from specific eras and really just about provided visitors with an utterly impersonal experience just sorta slapping a playlist of some few hundred videogame remixes in no particular order. Woops.

Now, will showcase my videogame work compiled in four chapters based on the city where I lived.


An Instagram gallery because photography is my latest creative obsession:

Yeah, count me amongst the thousands who’ve become self-proclaimed photographers with the rise of image rich social media platforms such as Instagram. I had typically distanced myself from photography mostly due to whatever perceived insecurity I had in my “eye.”

Well, I got over it. As this section will be a direct port of my Instagram, if you’re already following me there, you won’t be missing anything.


A database of live and upcoming events:

I’ve finally started to shake off the dust and rust, taking the zyko show back “on the road.” This is still a sluggish process working from ground zero but at least there’s going to be a centralized space to find out where I’ve been and where I’ll be.

In addition, my band Ozymandias will likely be playing quite a bit more frequently than I’ll be performing my solo zykO gigs… though, to be sure, several zykO standards are on our setlist so I’ll be using this space to announce them, as well.

Be on the lookout.


Other art:

Look, I’ve been champing at the bit for years now to branch out the formats with which I present my work and this is one of the areas that have been “in development.” A lot of my music is already based on other sensory sources so for it to also manifest as short story or poem or sketch or craft or whatever is not too far fetched.

This section is not yet live but I hope to eventually share some of the zany ideas floating through my head that I’m unable to capture through sound.


As you browse the site, you’ll find that there are some functions that have yet to be rolled out (including a merch store! whaaaat?). Most any link to music at any of the digital distribution channels such as iTunes or Spotify, etc. are not working quite yet but will be rolled out as soon as I’m ready to release Sad Man on a Rock which is going out on wide distribution. I’m still sorting out the nuts and bolts on the back end.

All in all, I’m proud to unveil the new and hope you join me on this journey once more. Please don’t hesitate to utilize the contact forms to shoot me feedback and/or suggestions. And as always…

Dig it.