Ozymandias, waiting…

So by now, you may have seen me share my band Ozymandias across my social media channels. The band is an acoustic trio out of Sacramento, playing an eclectic mix of psychedelic folk music from around the world, highlighting Andalusian and Balkan forms while marrying the genres of rock, jazz, folk and many more.

As with most new bands, we have but a Facebook page and an Instagram feed, both of which are humble at the moment as we’re still relatively new. That’s why I figured I could utilize this blog as a sounding board for all things Ozymandias as well… so here we are!

Now that introductions are out of the way… we have a couple of announcements.

We’re playing again tonight, November 9th, at Jackrabbit Brewing out in West Sacramento from 6 to 9pm although this performance will be just an acoustic duet with myself and our other guitarist, Adam. It’s admittedly a different approach to our rangy, aggressive and uptempo style as a full band but we take great pride in our arrangements and I assure you they hold up in the more intimate format.

In addition, we will be getting into the studio very soon to compile our first EP, a collection of the songs you’ve already heard us perform live if you’ve seen us. This is a very exciting step towards solidifying our place in the local music scene.

We will also be performing at our buddy’s art show in January and you won’t want to miss that if you’re local! It’s shaping up to be the second Saturday so tentatively circle January 12th on your calendars. We’ll share more information as we get it.

Generally, I’ll be posting here more and more as musings and news pop into my head so if you’re trying to keep up with the band, this is as good a place as any until I fashion us our own website. Until then…

Dig it.