A New Challenger Approaches!

Greetings travelers!

I’m happy to announce that we have grown the ensemble from a trio to a quartet! So please join us in welcoming Howard to the group; he will be manning the legendary vessel of bone-shattering, undies-wetting, soul-swelling blessedness known as the BASS.

On a more serious note, though, we are excited to add this very critical element to our band. While we haven’t featured a bass on stage very often, we certainly value the bottom end (ehmagerd). We initially opted on having Adam play the bass on a couple of our early shows but, being a fantastic guitar player first and foremost, we felt he brought more to the experience with a guitar in his hands so we eventually decided it was best for us to operate as a trio sans-bass, arranging our music accordingly.

Not a particularly ideal solution to be sure. We’d been looking for a bassist for quite some time and, after trying out a few players, were fortunate to cross paths with Howard, a recent transplant to the area from New York. In addition to his exceptional chops and musical sensibility, Howie brings a desire for sonic exploration and a fine ear for exotic and unorthodox musics making him a natural fit for the band.

We’ve been playing together for a couple of months now, reworking our existing songs while writing a whole batch of new material as well! We will also be announcing some show dates in the near future so keep your eyes peeled and your ears tingling.

We’re very excited to share our new sound with you!