Sad Man on a ROCK !!

We’re now in August and Sad Man on a Rock is entering its final descent.

It won’t be released on August 10 as previously suggested… but it’s very much near its completion and it won’t be long before it enters the final mastering stages and is sent off to be pressed. The record will be available for a wide digital release this upcoming fall on all download and streaming platforms. Physical copies, both in CD and Vinyl, will be available for pre-order. A Kickstarter campaign is also set to go live in the coming days.

edit: SEVEN(lollll) years after embarking on a journey to reacquaint myself with the “Waleed” behind the “zykO,” it is nothing short of relief to finally share the story. The path here was difficult, each layer of weathered and cracked skin peeled back to reveal yet another layer of wreckage that needed repair. Writing a good body of music is already hard enough as it is…

Doing so while also attempting to self-heal from the inside out is, well, a Sisyphusian undertaking.

I could not have done it without help and it is in this, that I feel the biggest lesson was learned. For years, I stubbornly set out to do it all on my own, fashioning a sort of foolhardy pride in the notion that the best art was homogeneous at its source, in its descent, at its destination… but as I worked through the album and through my own personal reprogramming, I found that I had always needed to let others into the spaces I had spent decades terrified of exposing to others. Terrified of disappointment and embarrassment, I had sought to keep myself isolated. It wasn’t until I was knee deep in the record that I finally understood that I had always needed help and that my inability to address that was keeping me from addressing anything else.

So with that: I must thank all of you to whom I am eternally grateful for your help, guidance, support and love. Special thanks, however, go to Jesse Taub and Kayla Kruz for their herculean efforts and tireless work in getting this record to sound the way you will now hear it. There are no words to describe the magnitude of what they’ve done here.

Thank you, thank you, THANK. YOU.
Love you all.